We deal in Laptop Desktop peripherals and Converters PCB , LCD/LED at cheap Price rate

Laptop Hinges1

Laptop hinges are the pivot point of your device, allowing smooth screen movement, and their durability is crucial for dependable laptop functionality. They ensure your laptop opens and closes with ease.


The motherboard is a computer's central circuit board, connecting and coordinating its essential components, akin to a digital command center that ensures smooth and efficient system operation.

Laptop Panel3

The laptop panel, also known as the screen, is the visual gateway to your digital world, rendering everything from text to multimedia with clarity and color, enhancing your computing experience.

Screen LCD / LED4

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and LED (Light Emitting Diode) are two popular screen technologies, with LED enhancing brightness and energy efficiency in comparison to traditional LCD screens.


Memories are the precious snapshots of our lives, preserving our stories, emotions, and cherished moments, connecting our past to the present. They're the heartbeats of our personal history.

Power Adaptor6

Power adapters are the essential conduits that convert electricity into the lifeblood of your devices, ensuring they remain charged and ready for use. They're the silent enablers of our connected world.



Graphic cards , Cooling Technology , Gaming high Frequency RAM, Ultimate quality Motherboards, Latest Introduced gaming cabinets and Processors. Gaming Accessories includes Gaming speakers and Headphones, Backled Keypad and mouse .


HIgh Quality Motherboards

Processor Cooling Liquids

Branded Graphics Cards


Gaming Keyboard and Mouse


We deal in all types of laptop cables strips and Multi output SMPS , CCTV  accessories and connectors.

VGA to HDMI Converter01

VGA to HDMI converters upgrade analog VGA signals to digital HDMI, enhancing video quality and facilitating connectivity between older devices and modern displays. They're the key to seamless integration in the multimedia world.


SATA cables serve as the data highways in your computer, connecting storage drives to the motherboard and ensuring rapid, reliable data transfer for efficient system performance. They're the digital conduits that keep your data flowing smoothly.

All types of Power Cables03

Power cables, such as IEC for computers, C13/C14 for appliances, and USB for charging and data transfer, offer diverse solutions to keep our devices connected and energized, supporting various electrical and connectivity requirements in the digital age.

All types PIN Power adapter04

PIN power adapters feature a range of pin configurations, offering versatile compatibility for charging and powering various devices, from laptops to smartphones, making them a convenient solution for diverse electrical needs.

HDMI Splitter / VGA splitter05

HDMI and VGA splitters duplicate video and audio signals from a single source to multiple displays, streamlining content sharing, presentations, and entertainment setups. They are essential for expanding screen options and enhancing connectivity in various scenarios.

CCTV SMPS 8 channels06

A CCTV SMPS with 8 channels is a power supply unit tailored for surveillance systems, offering the capability to provide stable power to up to eight cameras simultaneously, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring and security in multi-camera setups. It simplifies the power management of extensive CCTV installations.


We deal in all types of laptop cables strips and Multi output SMPS , CCTV  accessories and connectors.

Motherboard Repairing

Motherboard repairing is a skilled process of identifying and resolving hardware issues within a computer’s central circuit board, ensuring the smooth operation of the entire system, making it a vital component of computer maintenance and repair.

Touchpad Repairing

Touchpad repairing is a technical skill that involves troubleshooting and fixing laptop touchpad issues, ensuring accurate and responsive cursor control, which is crucial for an optimal laptop user experience and functionality.

Power Supply Repairing

Power supply repairing is a specialized expertise that focuses on diagnosing and fixing issues with electrical power sources, ensuring the uninterrupted and reliable operation of various devices, making it a critical aspect of electronics maintenance and repair. and functionality.

Fabrication Work for Laptops

Fabrication work for laptops encompasses custom design and modification of laptop components to enhance functionality, aesthetics, or meet specific user requirements, providing personalized solutions to optimize laptop performance and appearance.

Display Repairing

Display repairing is a specialized skill that involves diagnosing and resolving issues with screens and monitors in electronic devices, ensuring optimal visual performance and clarity, making it an essential component of electronic maintenance and repair services.

Converter Repairing

Converter repairing is a technical skill centered on diagnosing and rectifying issues in electronic converters, ensuring efficient voltage or signal transformation and the continued functionality of various electronic devices, critical in maintaining and repairing diverse electrical systems.
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